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To be honest…. I didn’t know I would become a barber. When I was in High School, I just wanted to be a football or basketball player. But, let me share with you how I became a Barber and Owner of The City Barber And Beauty Shop.

Once I graduated from High school, I decided to take up Computer Science. I graduated with an Associates Degree. I truly love electronics, so at the time I was thinking that I could do this for a long time. As I continued to grow within the computer science field, I had opportunities to work for Edward Jones and MasterCard. Yet, after years of working in the Computer Science industry, I realized that working with computers really wasn’t my passion, but more so a hobby.  

It wasn’t until the day I was cutting my own hair that I realized my true calling! One day, as I was lining up my hair, my brother surprisingly asked, “You, cut hair?!” Of course, my response was “Not really.” But his reply is what intrigued me most – “Well, me and my son will gladly be your ‘test dummies’ if you are ever serious about cutting hair.” And from that moment on, I never looked back.

Barbering for me became my passion simply by doing the things I already loved; talking sports, music, & movies…listening…and more talking. In 2014, I started researching for barber colleges in my area and decided to enroll to the BEST barber college in town, St. Charles Barber College (SCBC)! I knew it was the best decision for my career. I had a chance to study new techniques and learned so much about the barber industry. Yet, the most valuable skill I learned from SCBC and throughout my career, is the importance of customer care. I truly believe that my success and continued blessing was and is contributed by YOU, as I strive to provide the upmost attention to the needs of my clients. My motto is… “Invest in your clients, and they will invest in you!” Taking time to get to know people has always been rewarding for me personally.

After hard work and dedication, I graduated from SBBC in 2015. Soon afterwards, I had a wonderful opportunity to work for 18/8 Fine Men Salon. Finally, I was happily able to practice my craft, work with good people, and grow in my new career for nearly 2 ½ years. There were times I had my good moments and struggles being the “new guy.” It was one of my biggest challenges. During that time, I knew in my heart that I was preparing for the next level. The more I grind, I got better with time. Although I enjoyed my time at 18/8, my number one goal and aspiration was to own my OWN shop. 

In 2018, “The City Barber And Beauty Shop” was created!! You may ask yourself “well, what’s the meaning behind the name…?” Well let me tell it! In “The City,” like many cities you go to, you will see “ALL” walks of life. That’s the atmosphere I want for The City Barber And Beauty Shop. NO one gets turned away! I believe what makes a good barber is being able to service anyone that sits in your chair. My goal is to continue to get better but more importantly, keep a safe, clean, and positive environment for our clients.

I welcome you all to visit and experience The City Barber And Beauty Shop!  

-Terron Donnell



My name is Malik Williams a.k.a BoboTheBarber from Alton il, starting cutting hair when i was 18 years old. I attended Lincoln University Mo in 2016-2017 year when I discovered I have a strong love and passion for barbering and from there on out i wanted to take it serious! Then, I left Lincoln University to have an opportunity to attend the best barber college in the Midwest; St. Charles Barber College. Attending there I met many amazing great people including Mr. Terron Donnell the Founder/owner of “The City Barber & Beauty Shop” and I was blessed to create a friendship & brotherhood with. And he allowed me to work next to him. And now I am apart of a great team thats  will forever help me grow! I encourage you to join us & grow with us!

-Thank You


My journey started when I was in high school. My grandma (“Ma!”) purchased my first pair of clippers from JCPenney’s because I was determined to stay well groomed. I could not financially afford to maintain professional grooming when I was a teenager. In high school I would groom myself frequently outside of my barber(s). Eventually, I became good enough to start grooming my friends, even for our high school graduation. 

After graduating Normandy Senior High School, I attended Florissant Valley Community College (AA in Teaching); and then Harris-Stowe State University “HSSU” (BA in Educational Studies). Although I was focused, my journey in college was rocky, especially after graduating HSSU without my teaching certification; I felt like an educated failure. Although I learned a lot at HSSU, my degree was pretty much useless. I had to take a big look in the mirror and ask myself, “What will make you happy in this life?” I thought long and hard on this! This “reality check” gave birth to the quest of becoming a professional groomer.

During my college years, I had never stopped cutting hair. I would groom the employees’  and/or clients’ hair at worksites, homes, grandma’s kitchen/basement, and then my own basement. Working in home/facility healthcare humbled me in this industry. I would groom mostly all the clients I interacted with due to very few people genuinely caring about the clients’ personal hygiene. While I was working in the juvenile system, those young men motivated me to start learning how to fade and do designs. All the people that I interacted with, in regards to grooming services, motivated me to go to Leonards Barbers College.

After  I got my certification to be a Licensed Barber, I hit the ground running from there! I began chasing other dreams as well. Getting my barbering certification motivated me to attend Lindenwood University (MA School/Professional Counseling).  Passing my barber’s exam has “woke me up” and allowed myself to break free of the burden from standardized testing. Failing that teachers exam multiple times, had me questioning my intelligence. “I AM!” What ever I choose to focus my mind on! My cousin Terrell had this saying just “Don’t think about it, just DO!” His actions spoke louder than his words. Everyday I wake up with the intentions of being better than yesterday! I got people in my circle who are inspired by me, people who depend on me, people who inspire me, and thankful for all the people who support me and mean me well! “I show up and just DO!”  I am challenging YOU to just “DO!” “Show up and just DO!” Everything will work out, especially if you have a plan; Chase your dreams! 

My love for the barbering industry is genuine, and my journey is still evolving me as an individual and barber. It is an honor to serve YOU, and be a part of a TEAM that carries the same passion that I do. If you are looking for a barber that will motivate you to accomplish goals in life; challenge you to increase your self-worth; give you the grooming services that you want and deserve; have a genuine care for people, rather than money; and love his craft, I will be seeing you soon at The City Barber and Beauty Shop!